Friday, April 01, 2016

Cinnamon's Death : March 31 or April 1, 2016

 Cinnamon died at home underneath my bed either in the middle of the night on March 31 or in the early hours of the morning on April 1..

On Wednesday, March 23 at around 6 P.M.. I noticed Cinnamon crawling around  and dragging his hind end. I called to John and John came and looked at him, then we called the Vet's and made an immediate appointment.  When Dr. Otto saw him, he said that he was paralyzed in his hindquarters
and might not be able to pee and poop on his own.  He said that if that was so, we should bring him
back and either they would show us how to get him to pee and poop or we could have him put to sleep.  When we came home, Cinnamon pooped a little, ate, and drank

The next day Cinnamon was pooping and peeing and eating and drinking.  John brought home "Pee-Pee Pads" for Cinnamon to lie on so that he wouldn't mess up the carpet in my room, where he was staying under the bed.

By Friday, Cinnamon had stopped pooping,  and he was eating very little, but drinking and peeing a lot.  I had to help him to his food and water bowls.

On Tuesday, March 29, we took him back to the Vet's.  The Vet told us that he had lost 1 pound and that that wasn't good.  She also said that he had a lot of poop inside him.  So, they took him in the back and removed what was hard poop and also urine and gave him fluids.  They said that we had to keep him clean with baby shampoo so that he didn't develop sores.

He didn't eat anymore from then on and on Wednesday, March 30, was barely drinking.  The next night we went out and got baby food and sliced turkey for him to eat, but he didn't want them either.

At 8:00  A.M  on April 1, I woke up and petted him, but he didn't respond.  I then picked him up, and he was stiff, so I knew that he had died sometime in the night or early morning.  I called John and he came rushing home to confirm Cinnamon's death.  John buried him in a box out back, where Ari and Morgaine are also buried.

He will be greatly missed.